Legal Reform in Indonesia

Legal Reform in Indonesia

Legal Reform in Indonesia

A. BackgroundHow law in Indonesia? The fact that developed at this time most people would respond that the law in Indonesia's favor who has the power, and have a lot of money. Just as an example, ordinary people who caught committing petty theft was arrested and thrown into prison. While a state official who owned billions of corruption money can roam freely inside the prison and obtaining facilities like hotels. That bit of an answer that shows law enforcement in Indonesia has not conducted fairly or absence of equality before the law. Therefore, it is necessary to reform the law.Statement by Vice President Boediono, that reform labor law enforcement is a priority of United Indonesia Cabinet, like an oasis in the middle of catharsis 'noise' of the process of law enforcement on the case Seeds - Chandra and Azhar. In speaking on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary commemoration of The Habibie Center (11 November 2009), vice president asserted, "A lot of work to do, but I think it is important we have to do is reform of law enforcement. This is the key, so that the quality of democracy we become better and stronger. 

"We agree with the statement. Reform of law enforcement is one of the important pillars in strengthening democratic consolidation. Without proper enforcement, fair, and professional, democratic consolidation will be disrupted. And, of course positively correlated with the economic development and welfare of the people. Even so, of course, law enforcement reform process based on justice will take time and require patience.Reform priorities of law enforcement is the best option that must be taken by the government. Statement of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) is ensuring the continued eradication of corruption, and attitude to devour mafia law enforcement, we believe to be the basic attitude of governance the next five years. Therefore, all enforcement actions are carried out correctly, clean, fair, and without engineering a nation's collective concern.As part of the law enforcement people who yearn for justice, we give appreciation and strong support for the government of SBY - Boediono. We believe, reform of law enforcement will continue to roll over the next five years. We also believe that the reform of law enforcement and assertive attitude to devour the legal mafia, we can save this nation from future hassle.

Struggle to uphold the law and justice is not easy. Lots of briers and thorns are to be avoided. But if it is implemented in earnest, consistent, and consequently, we are very confident, that effort will bring optimal results. Namely, the establishment of Indonesia as a nation of law.

B. problem Formulation

Issues to be discussed in this paper are as follows:

1. What is the legal reform?

2. How legal reform in Indonesia?

3. How strategies and stages of law reform?
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